Residence Permit Hellenic Country Signing CA (CSCA eRP) Information

This document contains information on the Residence Permit Hellenic CSCA operated by the Hellenic Ministry of Migration Policy.

CSCA eRP Public Key Certificate Information

The distinguished name of the Hellenic CSCA eRP is: C=GR, O=Hellenic Republic, CN=CSCAeRP-HELLAS

DER encoded certificates for the CSCA eRP public keys can be found through the following links. Further information required to verify the authenticity of the following certificates is also available in authentic printed form upon request.

Certificate Rollover

The next rollover of the CSCA certificate is planned for 2021.

Main Public Key Certificate (Issued on 01/2017)

The current main public key is available as self-signed certificate, and as link certificate, verifiable by the previous public key, issued by the Hellenic Police on behalf of Ministry of Interior.

The public key has the relative distinguished name SN=001, the SHA-1 fingerprint 2E:8F:00:9E:A8:18:5F:4C:8A:EC:F8:C5:3B:33:00:81:82:2B:B6:C2 and identifierF6:28:B6:95:F4:0B:B6:E8:F2:37:A8:EE:F9:E1:9B:24:B7:65:D4:C1

The self-signed certificate of the main public key has the SHA-1 fingerprint 31:40:BE:2D:25:11:45:F8:B5:40:51:29:ED:78:B8:95:7C:3B:57:8B

The link certificate of the main public key has the SHA-1 fingerprint 10:F5:D5:7E:4F:C0:E0:95:90:7C:8C:77:04:26:DE:CE:7E:6C:50:57

Previous Public Key Certificate(s)

Certificate Revocation List

The current CSCA revocation list.


The primary communication channel with the CSCA is email